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Trailer interchange coverage

What is trailer interchange coverage?

Trailer interchange coverage is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for the interchange of trailers between different trucking companies. When one trucking company agrees to transport a shipment using another company’s trailer, trailer interchange coverage provides insurance protection for any damage or loss that occurs to the trailer during the transport.

This type of coverage is important because trucking companies often work together to transport goods over long distances. When one company has a shipment to deliver, they may not have their own trailer available or may not have the resources to transport the shipment themselves. In these cases, they may use a trailer owned by another company and transport the shipment using that trailer.

However, this arrangement creates a potential risk for both the trucking companies involved. If the trailer is damaged or lost during transport, both companies could face significant financial losses. Trailer interchange coverage helps to mitigate this risk by providing insurance protection for the trailer without the need to list the specific trailer on the policy.

Trailer interchange coverage typically covers physical damage to the trailer, as well as theft, vandalism, and other types of loss.

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